Gordon + Regina // Engaged // San Francisco Wedding Photographer

November 17, 2013


Black Forest, Mainz, Germany

I know Gordon from my college days — I knew him as the hippest, trendiest, fixed-gear riding, photography-loving cool kid from our church fellowship. When I started getting into photography seriously, he’d always be one of my favorite people to nerd out and talk shop with. Fast forward a couple years — Now Gordon is in love with this amazing girl Regina and the two are getting married in January! They are an amazing couple and have such a beautifully woven story that could only be written by God Himself. I’m so blessed that I had the privilege of capturing a snippet of such a special time in their lives!

These two are way too adorable. I had such a stellar time exploring San Francisco with them, revisiting some of their special thoughts and capturing them doing some of their favorite things :] By the way, as you scroll through, you’ll see this amazing quilt that they’ve brought with them on their adventures. It’s actually a quilt that Gordon personally made for Regina when he proposed to her. Awwww….. <3 These guys are too much! Blessings to the two of you as you count the remaining days leading up to your wedding!