Elizabeth + Channing // Monterey Seaside Wedding // DIY Disney Wedding

July 20, 2018


Monterey, California

I recently made a resolution that I needed to blog more… And you know it’s July so I figured I should probably get around to blogging right?

I am beyond excited to share this wedding with you! We photographed this one a few years ago in Monterey, California, but it’s never too late to share such a beautiful event like this! Elizabeth & Channing’s wedding day was the most thoughtful day we’ve ever been a part of, and when I say thoughtful, I mean it. They thought of everything and DIY’ed their entire wedding.

Their faith was highlighted throughout the entire day, not just during the ceremony, which you could tell was very special not just to them but everyone who celebrated with them that day. You can tell they care so much about their love for Jesus and wanted to share that joy with all their family and friends who attended. I love when couples have their faith intertwined into their entire day and it was evident that Jesus is the center of their relationship.

Their love for each other was almost tangible during their first-look. They both were so emotional I would be lying if I told you I didn’t shed a tear behind the camera myself.

Every detail was immaculate, but do you want to know one of the neatest details? Their guests made their centerpieces! Initially I was a bit wary when they told me that the guests were making them, but I had to eat my words. Each centerpiece was incredibly intricate, take a peek at the photos. I can guarantee you will be just as wowed as we were!

Of course what would be a wedding without a killer reception? As I mentioned above the couple didn’t overlook any detail and made sure their personality shined through in each and every aspect. Elizabeth & Channing absolutely love all things Disney, so it only makes sense that their reception was Disney themed. Their seating chart was designed like a Disneyland map, and each table was a different “kingdom”! How cool is that? All I know is I want to go back and re-live this day because we had so much fun working with them! Their attention to detail didn’t stop there however, every table had its own riddle/game book to entertain the guests while food was being served, and to top it all off the bridal party had a perfectly choreographed dance to kick off the dancing portion of the evening.

Perhaps I’m biased, but the best part of the entire wedding? Elizabeth & Channing trusted us SO much it made our job an absolute breeze and allowed us to get creative with the photographs we took. We love when our couples trust us to not only do our job, but to also try something new here and there. It keeps us on our toes and encourages us to constantly be growing as photographers in the San Francisco area, and to push ourselves creatively.

Thank you so much Lizzie & Channing! We had a blast working with you and wish we could dance the night away again and again.