Isabell, Anthony, Aubrea, and Joe make up the Chiarashine team! We love being able to offer a full suite of creative work to serve our clients!

Our approach is simple: we’re storytellers. We’re intentional about getting to know our clients deeply so that we can tell their stories better. We’re most interested in exposing the beautiful light of the real, deep moments and emotions our clients experience in the moments that they’ve invited us in. Along with capturing narrative as your story unfolds, we also love creating art along the way. We capture the details, but don’t sweat the small stuff. As a unique team that has been working together for years (and loving it!), we’re here to be your entourage on the wedding day!

Hi There, I’m Isabell!
Meet the Artist

Chiarashine is a collective of light-chasing photographers and cinematographers who are here to tell stories of light.

Isabell is the creative director and lead storyteller of Chiarashine. She and Anthony, her husband live in San Francisco and love traveling the world, telling stories as they go. Aubrea + Joe have been long time partners with Isabell, shooting weddings for each other. Together they make the Chiarashine Collective!

What is Chiarashine?
the story behind the name

What's in a name? We love being asked about our name - it gets at the heart of who we are! Chiarashine finds its roots in the term "chiarascuro", an artistic technique that exemplifies the contrast of light and dark in a composition. It's a metaphor for our lives; we have been through dark times, but we believe we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that we have been drawn out of that darkness to become purveyors of light. We choose to shine, to expose the lovely, to share boldly and to seek the beauty in every moment.

What's our style?
We're real people, capturing real people. Our style can be described as genuine, emotive, and artful. We love capturing the narrative of your story in our imagery though documenting your real connection. We create memories and heirlooms that preserve your story in a time capsule to be remembered for generations to come.

it's such a joy to be invited into these sacred moments.


we are currently booking sessions for 2021 and 2022. make sure to reach out early because our calendar books up fast! let us know how our team can serve you! 


Central Coast, CA | March 22-26

Orange County, CA | April 11-13

Temecula, CA | April 14-16

Redding, CA | July 11-14

Yosemite, CA | August 2-6

Scottsdale, AZ | September 15-22

Iceland | October 7-14

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