Hello there!, My name is Isabell aka Chiara. I am a fine art photographer and videographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A bit about my work:

I specialize in fine art wedding and lifestyle photography and videography. My style is organic and elegant. Chiarashine Photography is a cultivation of my story-telling artistry and eye for beauty where each photograph is a hand crafted story about you. When shooting, I am laid back and relaxed – you play, hang out, and just do what you naturally do… and I capture those images! I am there in the front lines with you on your special day, documenting every delicate moment. I’m so blessed to be living in such a beautiful world — I would love to capture your natural beauty and display it through my art. Leave a contact and we’ll talk more!

Five things about me:

1. I am saved by Grace.
2. I love to explore and go on adventures.
3. I drink an insane amount of coffee a day.
4. I love living the bohemian life in the stunning city of San Francisco.
5. I am a camera collector and will likely have at least 3 cameras on me at a time.

Let’s be friends if you’re someone who…

- Appreciates photography as a fine art and loves the organically nostalgic look of an image shot on film.
– Appreciate natural beauty and love to live authentically and organically
– Loves to diy, craft, and create art
– Loves an adventure
– Enjoys an afternoon spent in a cafe


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